Praise & Reviews

Praise & Reviews

Praise for Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives

A splendid volume and an impressive contribution to the scholarship on Elizabeth Bowen… that will no doubt keep critics fascinated for years to come.”

 Irish Studies Review

“A compelling… and valuable addition to the flourishing body of Bowen scholarship.”
Modern Fiction Studies

“A serious and well-informed work… that anyone writing about the author will want to know.”  
Irish Literary Supplement

“Highly competent and rewarding… Osborn’s essay is a tour-de-force.
The Irish Review

“Osborn elaborates… new directions in Bowen criticism… The result is a homogeneity of critical approach… not typically encountered in such collections.  Recommended.”

“A very highly recommended addition to literary studies collections.”
Midwest Book Review

“[Osborn’s book] …offers something of great interest.”
Études Irlandaises

Praise for Surviving the Wreck

“A powerful novel, persuasive and unflinching.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“…quite simply, a work of genius. Never before have the intricacies of family bonds been so honestly and so compellingly rendered.”
—Louise De Salvo, author of Vertigo and Conceived with Malice

“In this finely crafted novel, Osborn depicts complex emotional and political territory…a strong and compelling book.”
—Louise Armstrong, author of Kiss Daddy Goodnight

“Osborn’s story, told with exceptional and appropriate restraint, is. . .  a psychological exorcism, a chance at rebirth.” 
The Washington Times

“The aura of the dream sequences, the texture of the dialogue, the tactile longings conveyed by the fantasies, the shimmering quality of the memories, all are arresting and beautifully rendered.” 
The Women’s Review of Book

A courageous and moving book.” 
New Jersey Monthly

“a testimony to the power of truth and disclosure over secrecy.”  –Belles Lettres

“This masterfully executed novel. . . deals with the harrowing consequences of growing up in a family where everyone turns to the wrong person for affection. . . very engaging; highly recommended.” 
Library Journal

Surviving the Wreck potently portrays…the divided alliances of the family set against the political tragedy of the Kennedy assassination. Beautifully written descriptions rivet the reader’s attention. . . A story…of survival and new beginnings.”
 —Journal of Sex Education and Therapy

“What we do for love is the theme of this novel. . . Osborn’s writing is lucid, pure, and intimate.” 
The Trenton Times

Rarely have the intricate and troubling dynamics of the family been conveyed as effectively as in Surviving the Wreck.
San Francisco Chronicle

Osborn writes with vivid imagery and a fine literary hand.” The Clinical Psychology of Women

“The contrast between the narrator’s understated …voice and the …physicality of the action is powerful.” —Rutgers Magazine

“…victorious and uplifting… a novel that should make its indelible mark in every reader’s mind.” 
The Harvard Independent

“. . . an excellent book about family entrapment. What impresses me most is the fair treatment of the people involved—the incredible insight into the family dynamics. I highly recommend it.”
— Ralph H. Earle, Ph. D.

“In Osborn’s provocative text. . . the downward trajectory of historic public events. . . parallels the hidden corruption of the narrator’s household. It is… the strength of this novel that Osborn so successfully melds cultural memories of a generation to the personal recollections of her heroine.” 
San Diego Union-Tribune

Osborn’s writing is lucid, pure, and intimate.” —The Trenton Times

“This story succeeds in mirroring our most human concerns and offers hope.” 
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